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1 a relatively large open container that you fill with water and use to wash the body [syn: bathtub, bathing tub, bath]
2 a large open vessel for holding or storing liquids [syn: vat]
3 the amount that a tub will hold; "a tub of water" [syn: tubful]

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  • /tʌb/
    Rhymes with: -ʌb


  1. A broad, open, flat-bottomed vessel used for storing or packing things, or for washing things in.
  2. The contents or capacity of such a vessel.
  3. A bathtub.
  4. In the context of "nautical|informal": A slow-moving craft.

Derived terms


broad, open, flat-bottomed vessel
  • Finnish: saavi
contents or capacity of such a vessel
  • Finnish: saavillinen
  • Finnish: amme, kylpyamme
slow-moving craft
  • Finnish: amme, ruuhi


  1. To pack or store something in a tub.
  2. To bathe.






  1. tube






  1. tube


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Finnish bath, Japanese bath, Russian bath, Swedish bath, Turkish bath, aquamanile, argosy, auto, autocar, automatic dishwasher, automobile, baptize, bark, basin, bath, bathe, bathtub, bidet, blimp, boat, bottom, bowl, bucket, buggy, bus, car, catch basin, cereal bowl, cistern, cold shower, craft, crate, dishpan, dishwasher, douche, dumpling, ewer, fatty, finger bowl, flush, flush out, gargle, gravy boat, heap, heavy, heavyweight, hip bath, hippo, holystone, hooker, hulk, hull, hummum, irrigate, jalopy, keel, kitchen sink, lather, launder, lavabo, lavatory, lave, leviathan, lump, machine, mop, mop up, motor, motor vehicle, motorcar, motorized vehicle, needle bath, packet, piscina, plunge bath, porringer, potbelly, punch bowl, rinse, rinse out, ritually immerse, roly-poly, salad bowl, sauce boat, sauna, sauna bath, scour, scrub, scrub up, shampoo, ship, shower, shower bath, shower curtain, shower head, shower room, shower stall, showers, sink, sitz bath, sluice, sluice out, soap, sponge, sponge bath, swab, swagbelly, sweat bath, syringe, terrine, toivel, trough, tub of lard, tun, tureen, vat, vessel, voiture, wash, wash barrel, wash boiler, wash out, wash up, washbasin, washbowl, washdish, washer, washing machine, washing pot, washpot, washstand, washtub, watercraft, wheels, whirlpool bath, wreck
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